He is your friend, your defender, your
dog.You are his life, his love, his
He will be yours, faithful and true to
the last beat of his heart. You owe it to
him to be worthy of such devotion.
We started in 1990 with raising Saint Bernards and fell in love with the
personality, loyalty and size of this breed.
We have first rate bloodlines and produce some exceptional puppies. We are
totally committed to raising and breeding beautiful, healthy dogs with the best
temperament possible.
Our goal is to offer quality at an affordable price- we breed for health and
longevity. We are members of AKC and subscribe to Saint Bernard Club Of
America. Please call us for prices and health guarantees. We have four
generations on site.
Every puppy is raised in our home for the first six weeks and is socialized
with family, other animals as well as other dogs. They are then placed in our
exclusive kennel facility; where they are introduced to play, obedience
trained, get plenty of sunshine and meet the other animals.
Part of your journey as saint owners is to mold the puppy to your needs but
you also need to accept and appreciate the pup for what he is;  some puppy's
go from pampered rock star status when you first bring them home to pet rock
status a few months or years later when they don't get as much attention; so
they start to bark or chew things , which gets them attention but not the
pampered kind they want.
So as behavior problems start , pet and humans are at a stalemate and the pet
always loses; the family decides the dog is too much trouble and dump them
at a shelter;
The dog usually does not get rescued...and the family will buy another dog
someday and repeat the process,.  Dogs are not disposable ...   AKC survey
states 88% of dog owners consider their pet part of the family, then why is it
more than a third of dogs purchased end up in shelters?
Saints are not for everyone,  they are big,loyal, lovable giants that will give
your child a bath with a huge tongue, clean off every table at knee level or
below with a tail wagging weapon,  put fur in your home, on your clothes, in
your car,  trail water and food out of their bowl across the floor...... But no
matter how complicated life becomes they will remind you of simple joys and
make you smile. What would we do without them....
If you want to enjoy a great dog and will make the commitment for however
many years you have them, then I welcome you to explore my web site  and I
applaud  the many wonderful people who have opened their homes and
hearts to these "gentle giants"
"we are not disposable,
love us our
A Saint Bernards Love is as
strong as a rock!

If you go to "contact" page , it has all
info to contact me by e mail,phone or
to come and visit.
There is also some questions as part
of my criteria for placing a puppy .
  Occasionally do some
rescue but find it
emotionally and
financially draining, this
breed is too loyal to
transfer well as an adult
Just started another website, it has a lot of great pictures , and
info,  after  you look at this site , please checkout  other one;
Anyone want to know , from a dogs view what its like to be "disposable"-----read
this short piece written by author Jim Willis .........     title---        How could you?
When I was a puppy, I entertained you with my antics and made you laugh.  You called me your child, and despite a number of
chewed shoes and murdered throw pillows , I became your best friend. Whenever I was "bad' you'd shake your finger at me
and ask ' How could you?  but then you'd relent and roll me over for a belly rub
We went for long walks and runs in the park, car rides, stops for ice cream, and I remember nights of nuzzling you in bed and
listening to your confidences and secret dreams and I believed life could not be more perfect.
Gradually, you began spending more time at work and on your career, and more  time searching for a human mate. I waited for
you patiently, comforted you  through heartbreaks and disappointments , romped with glee at your homecomings, and when
you fell in love.
She, now your wife, is not a "dog person"--still I welcomed her into our home, tried to show her affection, and obeyed her. I
was happy because you were happy.  Then the human babies came along and I shared your excitement. i was fascinated by
them, and I wanted to mother them , too.  Only she and you worried that  I might hurt them, and I  spent most of my time
banished to another room, or to a dog crate.     As they began to grow ,  I became their friend. They clung to my fur and pulled
themselves up on wobbly legs and gave me kisses on my nose. I loved everything about them and their touch--because your
touch was now so infrequent.
There was a time , when others asked you if you had a dog, that you produced a photo of me from your wallet and told them
stories about me .  these past few years , you just answered  'yes'  and changed the subject I had gone from being "your dog"  
to "just a dog".   Now, you have a new career opportunity in another city  and you will be moving into an apartment that does
not allow pets.   You've made the right decision for your 'family"   but there was a time when I was your only family.
I  was excited about the car ride until we arrived at the animal shelter. It smelled of dogs and cats, of fear, of hopelessness.  
You filled out the paperwork and said "I  know you will find a good home for her ".    They shrugged and gave you a pained
look. They understand the realities facing a middleage dog, even one with "papers."
You had to pry your sons fingers loose from my collar as he screamed , "No daddy! Please don't let them take my dog ! " And I
worried for him, and what lessons   you had just taught him about friendship and loyalty, about love and responsibility, and
about respect for all life.  You gave me a good-bye pat on the head, and avoided my eyes.  You had a deadline to meet and
now I have one , too. After you left, the two nice ladies said you probably knew about your upcoming move months ago and
made no attempt to find me another good home. They shook their heads and asked "How could you "
At first, whenever anyone passed my pen, I rushed to the front, hoping it was you , that you had changed your mind--that this
was all a bad dream...  or I hoped it would at least be someone who cared , anyone who might save me.   When I realized I
could not compete for attention with the frolicking puppies, oblivious to their own fate;  I retreated  to a far corner and
waited......   I heard her footsteps as she came for me at the end of the day, and I padded along the aisle after her to a
separate room.  She  placed me on a table and rubbed my ears and told me not to worry.   My heart pounded   in anticipation
of what was to come, but there was also a sense of relief.  The prisoner of love had run out of days. As is my nature , I was
more concerned about her. The burden which she bears weighs heavily on her, and I know that, the same way I knew your
every mood. She gently placed a tourniquiet around my foreleg as a tear ran down her cheek. I licked her hand in the same
way I used to comfort you so many years ago. She expertly  slid the hypodermic needle into my vein. As I felt the sting and the
cool liquid coursing through my body, I lay down sleepily, looked into her eyes and murmured " How could you? "
Perhaps because she understood my dogspeak, she said , "I'm so  sorry"   She hugged me , and hurriedly explained it was
her job to make sure I went to a better place--a place of light  and love so very different  from this earthly place.    And with my
last bit of energy, I tried to convey to her with a thump of my tail that my  " How could you?"  was not directed at her. It was
directed at you , my beloved master, I was thinking of you.  I will think of you and wait for you forever.    May everyone in your
life continue to show you so much loyalty.
Not every person knows how to
love a dog---But every dog
knows how to love a person
We are very dedicated to this wonderful breed and have a solid reputation of quality  therapy , pet  and show puppies
Getting last minute hugs before school
Just relaxing in my chair ....