As a breeder please respect the integrity of my website and refrain from utilizing my pictures, text, recommendations and knowledge. We have many hours into this site, and we take pride in our kennel.
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When pups are older, Here is where our babies are introduced to other animals
We have cats, horses,donkeys and birds
This is our home, this is where our dog's are introduced to plenty of love, training and  exercise
We are a licensed facility and inspected yearly.
We maintain and exceed State, County and
Township guidelines.
Some of our previous puppies sold
We live on 61 acres in the Michigan countryside, and currently have about 20 dogs. 
My furry friends are not kennel dogs, they have taken over my house, garage,barn,kennels, and land, and they have a good time
I feel its important for my dogs to get out and explore the property everyday, it keeps their muscles,mental attitude digestive system,and everything in overall good health.

The dogs are allowed to exercise and enjoy the outdoors but have their own building to go to if weather is extreme or they need a nap or want their own "space"
Everyone has to have hugs and bellyrubs and time out

It is important to us to provide the best environmental conditions for the dogs to be healthy and happy. 
All dogs are let out to run and play a minimum of twice a day as well as having all food, water dishes and facilities cleaned twice a day.
Make sure you want a puppy and have the time,money and love to have them part of your life !!!
This short piece is NOT something I want to hear of one of my pups.
Be SURE you want one and if something happens that you can't keep one then contact me to find another placement.  These dogs are amazing and anyone is lucky to have the love one of these babies can provide.
2007 pup
2009 pup
2011 pup
2007 pup
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2012 pup
Recently was adopted by a             
peacock, he showed up and  watches over all the animals. We really enjoy his company, I named him Handsome , because he is
We have a separate area in the house for puppies, the whelping area is kept very warm for the babies and they are on video, audio and temperature monitors at all times.
Raising the babies is all about health, cleanliness and proper nutritio
We are very proud of all our animals , even the ones that don't go into the show;ring
We have been very blessed with wonderful animals that are the center of attention, wherever we go, people are drawn to them and the dogs love the attention.
We have several over the years featured in newspapers, calenders, and had one recently do a TV commercial for a real estate company; also had one in florida that  the new owner was contacted for a photo shoot for animal planet.
We have had some truly wonderful pups that have been placed in loving homes all over the united states and canada; and several have been sold as greeters for businesses and hotels.  We couldn't be more proud of each and every one of them.
Dogs don't care what color you are, If you are thin or fat, rich or poor, tall or short , have scars or burns
They will love you--even if you don't love them.
What a beautiful world it would be if all people had hearts like dogs
Recently went to a huge dog event and saw about 3000 dogs with caring owners---makes you wonder then how so many are surrendered to shelters and killed each year.
After spending so many years with this breed and raising so many dogs over the years, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience but of course life is an ongoing learning process so we are still learning and growing.  We have a network of veterinarians and friends to help us along and maybe we can help someone as well.
Recently revamped and updated interior of the dogs buliding, it is climate controlled, has extra comfort fans, eievated beds,double thick easyclean walls, elevated dishes and installed new doggy doors click to edit
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There are no bad dogs--people just need to teach them how to be good dogs
Don't punish them for your failure