Kailey- aka(Sassy) was placed in a home in Flint Michigan where she is happy with Amy Jo and her family and other dog
Whitney Simone Raven - aka(Sasha) was placed with Cleadis and Kelly in Carlton michigan where she isaid to be very close to her family,in perfect health, and has an awesome personality and is loved
like a child.  She is beautiful !!!
Bronson - lives with his family in Filion/Bad Axe,Michigan where he is happy and loves to hang out with horses and cats when he is outside and then    always at mom's feet in the office
Molly lives in Davison Mi, with a wonderful family with many kids and her dog friend  Sophie

Hazel lives with Kristen and todd in Berlin Michigan. She loves water and has had obedience training. She loves her family very much
Diana, This is Barney about a month ago, we couldn't have gotten a better puppy, we love him to pieces. Thanks    Tom and Rena
Good morning Diana, Thanks for the email / website.  It is amazing what some people can do to show off their pets. A barrel would be perfect for a saint. As you can tell by this picture, Boo is doing great. What a wonderful pet. He is a mama's boy though. He listens to me way better than he listens to Gary. But that is the way it is with all our animals. Boo is over 100lbs now. He is long,tall and lanky. Can't wait for him to fill out some more. He is just so laid back about  everything. He finally barked at something outside, looking out the window from inside. He just doesn't care....... WE LOVE HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wish I
had two but then Gary would have to sleep in the barn..... Ha !!!!
Thanks for a great pal !!    Beth
Hello my name is Jessica. I had purchased one of your puppies last December for my boyfriend Eric. I had . I had gotten your letter some time ago and apoligize for the slow response. We are very delighted with our new addition to the family. We named our puppy Jagger. He has been a great joy. Eric and I have and are still enjoying him very much. Our  other dog Rocky enjoys Jagger too. Jagger has brought some of Rocys  youthfulness back.  Jagger  has gotten much bigger  and he is a very smart dog. He has a big fenced in yard that he loves to run around and play in.Thank you so much for allowing us to have such a wonderful companion. I have attached some pictures.  Please let me know if you have any trouble viewing the pictures.            Sincerely      Jessica and Eric
Hi Diana,  Just to let you know
Susie is doing great. She weighs 28 lbs now and grows more daily. She is the smartest saint puppy we have had ( also the orneriest ) She knows come, sit, down, shake, & high five !!
Stoly, went to a good home
in Arizona--here she is with her two people siblings
We used West Wind Saints for "Stud" service for our Saint Bernard. What I really liked about West Wind Saints is that this lady had a picture of her facility on her website !  Not too many breeders do this, I knew before i went there to breed that she had a nice, clean place and I also knew that this woman has a kennel license and has to keep up with all the rules and regulations that the county and state require. Diana  is a huge hearted awesome woman- her dog's ( kids ) are very special and extremely well cared for.  Diana has a beautiful facility and her dog's are under the best of care. We will continue to use West Wind Saints  
dog's for "stud"  service.       Thanks so much Diana, for all you've done !   Bren--proud  mommy of 13 new puppies 
Koda is doing well.  He has learned to cry when he has to go outside and  heads for the back door. He's growing more accustomed to his crate every day. We went to the vet on Monday and he said that everything looks good, we head back on the 14th for his next set of shots. He was 25.5 lbs. He's growing so fast.  It's amazing how much bigger he's gotten since Thursday.The ride home was great, he was a little skirmish for the first 5 minutes or so, but then he fell asleep for the rest of the ride home. Ever since then, the minute he gets in the car, he falls asleep. He has many new best friends everywhere we go everyone falls in love with him !
Some more of our 'Darlin' puppies
We have sold to wonderful homes
Tobias, a gentleman whom had his female Saint Bernard bred  at west Winds wrote and published this excellent article in the Saginaw Press regarding the Saint Bernard .  To read
Lucy is a big, tall beautiful dog and lives in
Frankenmuth with Cindy and her family, She is kind of shy but likes to ride on the boat and have fun
Bear - went to live with Jeff & Nancy in Gladwin Michigan. Bear is a very big boy at 9 months he is 170lbs
Aphrodite went to work as a comfort care Senior  citizen assist dog, where she is much loved by her master,   Jackie
Squiggy lives in Grand Rapids, and has  become a very HUGE boy
Unavailable for pictures, other beautiful  pups sold are;
Cassie,  Dexter,Shannon, Cookie, Charlotte, Squiggy, Diago, Tyson, Koda, Bear, Lola, Mason, Tess, Carlo, Powder, Ozzy, Tigger, Abby, Max, Princess, Archie, Tex, Ryan, Winslow, Daisy, Toby, Rex ,Duncan,Tinkerbell, Dolly etc
If you had 5 really bad experiences with people you may deal with  ( like your car mechanic, your puppy breeder, your hairdresser, etc )  And you had 5 really good experiences with people you may deal with ( like your car mechanic, your puppy breeder, your hairdresser, etc )
                   Which would you be more likely to tell people about?
studies show that if people have a bad experience with someone they will complain to a minimum of 6 people.  We live in a very negative world and most people don't say anything nice or be courteous to eachother.  So I am very grateful  when someone takes the time to contact me and let me know how they are doing with their new puppy
The pup is doing wonderfully.  McKinley is gaining weight nicely and his coat is beautiful. The tans have turned into deep reds with black edging. With the amount of attention he gets everyday I'm surprised he has any fur left from all the petting !! We love him dearly. He is still timid, and very shy around strangers, but I think he will grow out of it. We haven't weighed him in awhile, but at 71/2 months he looks like he is starting to fill out

Thank you again for making this a very
enjoyable,pleasant experience.  Dozer has definitely filled a huge void in our hearts and we look forward to having his company for many years to come !

Best regards
John & Jodie
Hi Diana,
Hope you are enjoying the winter -  I know the dogs are !     I can't believe how much Ruby loves to play in the snow.   I wanted to let you know that we are so happy with her.   Shes the most loveable, sweet, dog we've ever had.   She's my shadow around the house-always with me wherever I am at.  I can't  thank you enough for providing us with such a wonderful, beautiful dog.  I would be glad to speak to anyone about your fabulous dogs and the care you give to them
Thanks again  Robin
Sammy lives at
Sand Lake Mi. and is much loved by his owner
Ember lives in Sandusky Mi. and rules the house over her humans and other dogs
We have excellent references from many happy owners, over the years; here are just a few
lives in Detroit
Daisy  ithica mi  2007
Wrigley has a
great home in Chicago
a Florida pup2009
Delilah and Lazarus love their home and
eachother, they live in Chicago and are beautifully spoiled
Bachelor lives in Colorado
and has a job at the Ritz Carlton Hotel
Collen with her baby, she named him Winston
Gideon much loved big
boy lives in Ohio
Gia has a wonderful
family in wisconsin that believes she is the best girl in the world !!
Beautiful boy named Bentley
lives with his loving family in New York
Montana  is a handsome boy , he
lives in Ohio and is a very spoiled lap dog !!
Dear Diana,
We can't  thank you enough for giving us the privilege of having one of your saints.  Grizzly is such a wonderful pup. He has the sweetest disposition and learns new things everyday. He seems to understand basic commands already and has been very easy to raise.  Your high standards are very much appreciated and every breeder needs to learn from you on the proper way to breed and place dogs. We have a top quality pet that we just adore and feel honored that he is part of our family.
Heartfelt Thanks
Mark and Barbra Sawyer, Clyde Michigan
Love this picture , this is Tammy  with her much loved pup Shelby
this beautiful girl is a pup from Griffin and Summer litter, she is owned by Laurie Martin, she named her Delilah, this is the 3rd pup she has purchased from me. Laurie sends many pictures surrounded by her loving saints
Beautiful boy Remington, he has a fabulous home in Monroe Michigan
This is Dutch , he is  a  Savanna and Magnum pup, he lives in Saline Mi. with a wonderful family where he loves and watches over three children
Thor  2012
My good  friend Gene with
puppy he got in 2012, he named her treasure after her mom
This is Fiona , a 2012 pup from treasure and griffin litter, shown here as a baby with her new mom Sharon.
We became close friends so I got to see Fiona grow up, she became a big beautiful girl, she lives in Auburn Hills Michigan and visits often
This is Zoey , she is also a 2012 pup from  treasure and Griffin litter, she has a loving home and is very spoiled, she grew up to be a big girl--31 inches tall and over 170 lbs !!!
Oscar 2013

Diana,   I would like to tell you how  very happy I / we are with our puppy, Quenessa.  My wife was so very happy to receive her. She named her Delilah, as soon as her tears stopped rolling down her cheeks.
In the first week of being in her new home, where she is loved so very much, Zues, my police K-9 has become a foster father figure. He keeps a very close eye on her at all times. He has come to her rescue several times when she finds trouble. He protects her like you wouldn't believe.

Your facility and your care for the dogs / puppies are like no others. Your the best I have seen in all my years.
Thank you for your compassion to the breed.

In the past 5 days that  Delilah has been with us, she has learned to play with both our other dogs, she also has had only one accident in the house. Her potty training is pretty much done in just 5 simple days, thanks to you
She has learned to operate the doggy door in the house and goes in and out as she desires. She loves it too !!!
she is so proud when she comes in from going potty.

Overall, I can't say enough about you and how happy we are to have her in our home, and what a wonderful experience it was to meet you and all your wonder dogs.  So thank you again.

George Leonard
My pups have brightened the lives of so many wonderful  people , here is another heartfelt email, Thank you Ray and Patricia for giving my pup a great home and giving me a nice testimonial
Little delilah
Delilah Graduated
Therapy Class in 2015 and does wonderful work
This beautiful girl is Tonka , when shes not giving smooches to her owner
she likes to sleep upside down in doorways
2015 pup Samson, much loved by his owner Diane in Chesterfield Mi. she posts pics of him daily on facebook
2014  Sable
an Atlas pup celebrating her 1st birthday, she used to live close by but her mom, Diane moved back to Pennslyvania, but before she left she bought another pup and named her Charity.  Both are much loved fur kids
Big Mo with his mom Alexis, very spoiled baby
lives in China Michigan
Big Magnum pup
in Roseville Mi.
  Rain, 2015 pup
lives in Romulus Mi
Fantasy 2015
lives in Chicago
Reba 2015
new name Mozy
now lives in Indiana
Fulton 2015
lives in Colorado
One year-old today!! He is doing so great Diane doesn't that he loves his family and friends! He is a wonderful dog and we are so blessed that we connected with you to bring such happiness and love and smiles to our family!! Everybody loves him!! I hope everything is going well with you!! Both of my boys are in high school Michael is a freshman and Matthew is a senior and Otis is my hang out buddy!!
Otis enjoying himself with Michael's freshman football team kick off party!
The Payne Family----Chicago
Needed to add some recent testimonials,  so most of these below are 2015 and 2016 
One year update from Lola Big Paws queen of UP Michigan. She had a good time celebrating her bday
We get some many compliments on her color.... All the neighbors say "she's the most beautiful Saint they've ever seen"

Christy Hartsig
Football Team Mascot !!
Hi!  Just wanted to drop you a line.  Everything is going great, Stanley is nearing 100 lbs!!  He is so wonderful and we couldn't be happier with him!  He is so lovable and so much fun.  He loves to swim and go for walks in the woods.  He is very healthy and up to date on everything.  We are now looking for another gentle giant to be a right-size pal for him.  If anyone ever brings back their pup, please let us know.  Although our cat Fred has taken quite a liking to him and a tolerance for drool!
Thanks so much!  Take care!
Michele Toyras
He is having a good time, rearranging the landscape!!!
Scarlett is doing awesome.
Not one potty accident. She is already going to the door to go out. Amazing.

First night was loud but she slept through the night last night.
She is eating well. Planned on feeding her 4 times through day but the last feeding she hasn't seemed interested in so as of now she likes to eat at 7 am, noon and 5.
Drinking lots of water.
She loves her new Collie brother. Took to him right away. He is still not sure what to do with her when she crawls on him or bites his tail. But he is happy for someone to pull the rope with him. She will lay right by him for naps.

Yesterday she decided to investigate every little thing in the yard so it was a busy day running after her. She's not scared of anything.

Thought you would like to see our girl now she is 5 months. She's beautiful and sweet. Definitely a bossy princess one minute and a baby the next.
She's very attached to us. She is starting to not like it when we leave, which we have to figure out how to nip that now. But I also think it is her age where she's more aware of what she doesn't like but still to young to realize she sometimes doesn't have a choice.
She is so smart. Potty trained within 2 days and no accidents since first week.
She fast tracked through all the puppy training as she has understood sit, stay, down, come Etc. For quite a while. Already knows Bring It and Leave It.
Was finding baby teeth everywhere last few weeks so almost done teething.
She will be big.
5 months and already towers over our Collie (over 75 pounds).
But, again, so sweet and smart and such a delight.

Hope all is well, Rhonda
2 months to 5 months
I would like to inform you of Hilary's passing this morning. She looked peaceful and she was the most wonderful being in our life. We will miss her but never forget her. She brought us so much joy every single day, even yesterday she was perfect. Thank you for making it possible for us to see what absolute true love is. We would possibly be interested in another Saint, I know you cannot match her personality, but her temperament was that of a mother and never did she ever growl or show teeth (unless running and playing). Do you have any upcoming litters with such a laid back and loving temperament? Thank you so much for all the joy she gave. I write this with a heavy heart.

Kind Regards,
Jason Bergman
Unfortunately, sometimes i get bad news,  recently lost a beautiful girl that I had sold to a family in Kentucky in 2007
Hi, Diana -
We hope you’re doing well, and all the pups have found great homes.
You asked for a picture now & then.  Here’s one of Bebe (Krystal Star) from a couple weeks ago.
She’d doing great.  She’s sometimes cautious about taking steps into someplace new, but she gets right over it and is fine.  She also seems very smart - but I bet all parents say that.

Everyone adores her!

Lives in Chicago with Butcher Family

Hi Dianna,
Maggie is happiest outside especially when our backs are turned..... She grabbed an old pot and claimed it as her own. She's been in obedience training since January and doing well.
She's the best investment we could make. Thanks for allowing us to be part of her life!

The Brettragers

Tink is doing fantastic! Starting puppy classes next week! She had her next set of shots, and weighs 33lbs... We love her to pieces! She also sits, shakes and lays down already! Very good girl!
Thank you
Staci and Andy Gelmi

Hi Diana,

Well it's been a month and as promised I thought I would touch base with you and let you know how Ralphie's doing.

I am happy to say he has made such a wonderful addition to our family. Within the first week he was home he learned the "sit" command and just this week I think (hope) is finally fully potty trained! Yippee! We are now moving on to leash training and so far he's getting the hang of it. Just today, the baby, myself and Ralphie took brother Reid to Preschool, and while brother was learning, the three of us went to Nana's to leash train around her neighborhood, and get familiar with new noises and people in town. He is now able to go on outings with us since he got his vaccination yesterday.

Which brings me to my next exciting update! Ralphie will most likely be appearing on the Incredible Dr. Pol show! We took him in for his vaccination yesterday, and everyone, including the camera crew, fell in love with him. When we left they asked us to fill out some paperwork so that they could use a couple shots of us in the waiting room if need be! So keep your eye out for us on the new season!

He loves his new home and surprisingly enough, his favorite family member is the baby! I thought he would be scared of her and shy away from her, but those 2 are peas in a pod!!! Best friends! He gently holds his head out for her to pet him and she surprisingly is gentle with him as well! Again, I assumed she would be too rough with him, trying to pull his hair, etc., but they both love and respect each other. Which is so relieving to me as a mom. I totally trust him with her. Wherever, she goes, he goes. It's so adorable.

I hope this brings you comfort that Ralphie is doing so well and is so loved and cared for by his new family. Until next time...

Kara Elmore

Just wanted to give you an update on Eddie, he is doing wonderful. He is still teething but responds great and only chews his toys. He already listens to come very well and knows sit too. He starts his training on next Thursday. We love him so much. He follows our daughter everywhere.

The Hager family.

Hi Diana, just wanted to give you an update on Lucy.  It's been awhile. She was from Treasures litter 2 years ago.  She has turned out to be such a joy.  We absolutely love her to pieces and she is amazing with the kids.  We will definitely be calling on you in the next few years to add to the family. :)

Heather Stefaniak

Hey Diana! Thought I'd pass these along to you, we are celebrating Josie's 2nd bday with some delicious homemade "pupcakes" :). She is doing great and we love her to pieces, couldn't be happier! Hope all is well your way.


Hugs to you and all those beautiful pups.
Love ya, Laurie
Here are some beautiful pictures of Mr. Elmo Binder.  He is a wonderful member of our family.  We love him to pieces and there are certainly a lot of pieces.
We thought you would enjoy seeing him in his adult magnificence. He certainly is the talk of our neighborhood.
Bill & Nancy Walberer

Hi Dianna,
just wanted to show you a pic of Samson “he was Corbin from your C litter”   he will be 1 yr.s old on Feb 17th     We love the hell out of him.  He is a wonderful puppy and a great addition to our family.  Hope things are well with you and Mike.
Diane Reiterman
Hi, Diana. I thought you'd like a couple of pictures of Archer at 11/11.5 weeks. He's doing great! He's pretty well potty trained and sleeps through the night in his crate. He loves to explore outside, although he is still pretty skittish when he hears loud noises (mostly other big dogs barking). He's met a few of the neighbor dogs, though, and warms up to them eventually. We go back to the vet on Monday for the next round of shots. We will start traveling up north frequently in mid-June once school is out and would be happy to bring him by for a visit if you like. Best,
Kelli Horst
Wanted to give you an update.  Lila, born Eve, is adjusting just fine. She is eating good and sleeping great. There is a home full of love for her here in Armada.

Thanks again ,
We got a puppy names Harlow Mae in the fall of 2010. We loved her and she was amazing. Just wanted to let you know that unfortunately this week she passed away. We were away when we got the call she wasn't acting right. It was then found out that she was somehow poisoned. Her body just couldn't recover from whatever toxin she ingested. Our hearts are so broken at this time. Just wanted to let you know we were so happy with our Harlow Mae!

Sincerely, Amy M
sometimes I also get bad news
I will continue to add testimonials----Also have two full pages of testimonials on my other website--Showcase Saint Bernards
and please feel free to share a review on Google page
I have produced some  wonderful puppies and met some wonderful people

Yukon was one of Isis and Bearpaw's first litter. He will be 2 in January. Time flies when you live with a Saint Bernard. He won't jump into the Jeep. He walks up his ramp and ducks his head to get in the back. It is funny to watch but he believes it is perfectly natural. We were just returning from the groomer when this picture was taken. The groomer just happens to be right next to the dog park. He was so thrilled (thinking he was going to the dog park)until I turned into the "wrong" parking lot. This baby is spoiled yet still such a loving obedient dog.
Thank you for responsible breeding. You have provided us with the best thing in our lives!    -------sent 9-- 2014

Mary McGillivray
Just wanted to send some pictures of Harley. Thanks for everything.
Joe, Lisa & Harley
     I know it's been awhile but I wanted to send some pics of Toby-was Gideon, from November litter, in reverse order-sorry. He's towering over our Lab(twice her height) and is now taller than is big brother Dexter(3 1/2 yr Saint)! He is as healthy as a horse and is at 100#! He is currently long, lean and lanky but I'm sure he will fill out in the next 6 months. His coat and coloring are gorgeous and his eyes have such expression! He is an energetic bundle of joy and has a loving family between myself, my daughter and the other furry brothers and sisters(cat included). My coworkers are constantly following his pics on Facebook and are always asking about him! Thank you for such an amazing addition to my family. We're looking forward to his upcoming birthday:)
                                                                                                                                                                                         Danielle Landes, Ohio
Beautiful Farley---Going home
Auburn hills  Mi.
Heres a couple heartwarming e mails about situations where my wonderful dogs with their owners MADE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONES LIFE
Hello Mike & Diana.

                                  We just wanted to write you & let you know what our Zoey has done for a dog in our neighborhood. We have a very aggressive German Sheppard that lives in our neighborhood & has attacked several dogs &  their handlers. One dog in particular was attacked, had to be taken to the vet, then was able to go home. Zoey is very well known around our area. Michele took Zoey for a walk one morning, Zoey noticed the dog was not doing well. At that time the dog was terrified to go near another dog of any size. When Zoey first saw her, she went down to the ground. The dog still did not come near Zoey. A couple of weeks have gone by, Michele & Zoey walk by their house on  morning walks, Zoey does the same thing with her. She goes down to try to have her come near her. That little dog would come closer day by day.  One night last week, we took Zoey  for a walk & we saw the mom walking the dog. We stopped in front of their house with Zoey. As usual Zoey went down, she does this without command, that little dog came up to her.  The mom said because of Zoey, their dog came back. Thought you guys would like to hear the good things your dogs do.
                                                                                               Darrin & Michele Nagy
Diana, This is Trish my hubby bought Deliliah from you at Christmas last year and I would like to know if there is a class coming up for the USA Therapy dogs I would like to get her into. We have been working with her since we got her and two weeks ago we where camping and took her out to the county farmers market and she was walking around and there were a few autistic children around and she was great with them we have been working with her and autistic children and this was a good test for her. The one child that she really helped was about 6 years old and has never talked and when Little D seen him she laid right down next to him and waited for him to touch her and the mother told Jonny that he could not because he would hurt her like he did the other dogs I told the mother it was ok that Jonny could touch her. When I told the mother that Jonny could touch her she told me that he had hurt the last dog by hugging him too hard and killed it. I ask what kind of dog and she said it was a little dog. I reassured her that he would not hurt Little D that she would like to be hugged by him. The mom finally let Jonny go to her and when Jonny hugged her she put her head on his shoulder and waited for him to let her know it was ok to move. Then Little D truned her head and licked the  side of his face and Jonny just started Laughing and then the mother started crying and scream for her husband to come and see that Jonny was laughing that was the first time any sound or words had ever come out of Jonnys mouth the Mother was so happy to see Jonny laughing. I then just started to cry because Little D made that little boy so happy that when Mom told him it was time to leave that he just started to cry and kick and scream. We sat there for over an hour with Jonny and Little D so it was so nice to see how she was with him. I am so thank full to you for allowing us to have Deliliah and making her a great dog for the Service for all the kids and able to help them. I would like to get her in to the classes so she can help a lot more then just Little Jonny. So if you could please get me the Information for the Classes I would really be thankful to you. I will send you some pic of her so you can see how big she is now. Thank you again for allowing us to have her.
Thank you again

We thought you would like to see this photo.
In NJ there is a Church called Saint Bernard’s and it is located in a small town in NJ called Bernardsville.
Anyway we could resist taking our Saint Bentley to have a look at the Saint Bernards Church in Bernardsville

Below is a URL for the Church    http://www.stbernardsnj.org/   located on  88 Claremont Road Bernardsville, NJ 07924

If you recall my wife and I got Bentley about 14 months ago from you he was from (Landscape and Savanna)

Irwin Gerszberg
Check out a delilah story at bottom of page
Bentley was sold to
the Gerszbergs in 2012
I have tons of references, maybe more than most breeders--proud to belong to an elite group, one of the testimonials on this page is someone that works with the FBI, they could check me out better than anyone!!  Instead of being scarred or angry, I am proud they picked me !!!!   I am not perfect but I always try to do my best.!