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As a breeder please respect the integrity of my website and refrain from utilizing my pictures, text, recommendations and knowledge. We have many hours into this site,
As Always -
Never look down on anyone, unless  your reaching out your hand to help them up
          Wonderful custom work done on awesome, collars ,& kegs
This is White Eagle Saints "Takoda"
FATHER is West Winds Kodiak.
Takoda has been a winning show dog

We will  only show at two or three shows a year, it has been fun and its nice to see what the dogs can do but its not about the blue ribbon,its about love of the breed
Please go to  FETCHDOG.COM  and purchase the Dog Tag Chewy Shoe, its made from the same mold used to make army boots;  part of the proceeds goes to
"puppies behind bars" program where puppies are trained by prison inmates, then turned over to military soldiers coming home,to help them deal with trumatic stress and flashback issues

Got a chance to try agility, it was fun, and its good for the dogs to try these different things
Also , got a chance to try Rally,it was fun to do that too.  And may try it again in the future it
In addition to dog shows,  we  have several dogs involved in therapy work, we visit, hospitals,schools,hospice homes, etc
Getting a blue ribbon at a show is nice but this is far more rewarding; Seeing someones face light up that is dying from cancer or just had an amputation because of war or illness;
These dogs bring joy to people when they are depressed. If you ever get a chance to do therapy work,please do so; what the dogs do for someone is amazing
Something New  I would like to share ---Recently found Alternative Natural Healing Methods for pets;    Found a woman  that does wonderful work to heal pets by making crystal healing collars.  Please check out her website www.emeraldhalo.com     She has been featured in Dog Wellness magazine as well as being recognized by several holistic vets around the couhtry
We are members of U.S.A. Therapy Dogs
In addition to visiting Senior Centers, and hospitals; We also try to help our group  at fundraising events
We were able to visit a boy scout troop last summer--the kids love the dogs
We Love to do a lot with the dogs, therapy, shows, events,parades, nothing better than spending time with the dogs and we meet so many nice people that love to see them
There are no bad days when you come home to a dogs love
CGC  stands for Canine Good Citizen;  it is a 10 step program that you complete with your dog and if you pass, then you get a certificate, suitable for framing from AKC,that your dog is a certified Canine Good Citizen;  There also is a CGC Advanced which mainly involves working in crowds and public places with your dog
For a small fee to complete this program
We now offer this thru West Wind Saints , as my husband is a CGC Evaluator,

The 10 steps are:
1. Accepting a friendly stranger
-your dog needs to behave when you meet people
2.Sitting politely for petting
demonstrates that your dog will allow a stranger to touch it
3.Allowing examination and grooming
dog must be comfortable being brushed or examined
4.Walking on a loose leash
demonstrates owner is in control of dog
5.Walking through a crowd
Dog must move politely in public places
6.Sit and Down on command / stay in place
basic commands showing dog will respond to  commands
7. Coming when called-
demonstrates dog will come when called
8.Reaction to another dog-
demonstrates dog can behave politely around other dogs
9.Reaction to distractions
demonstrates that the dog is confident when faced with  distractions
10.  Supervised separation-
demonstrates dog can be left with someone and will maintain good manners
If interested then go to contact page and email or call to set up appointment
Its been medically proven that within 15 minutes of petting a dog that your cholesterol and blood pressure will lower
There  are big advantages  of letting people interact with the dogs. Elderly patients have less depression,less anxiety, and more self esteem. Peoples faces light up when we bring the dogs; many people want to talk about a pet they have had, so the dogs actually give people memories of their past and brightens their day

Please consider donating your time with your pet, its good for the people you visit, its good for the dogs, and its good for you !!! 
CGC is
  for therapy dogs
Recently went to Bark for Life
Event-- a dog walk to raise money for cancer research
Anyone intersted in a mini saddle?  I use it for parades and halloween, You can order it from: Eddy's saddles and Tack  Ph 254 826 4472, they have a store on Ebay.  This saddle is a bit small but reseanably priced,; a regular pony saddle is too big and priced much higher
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Anyone interested in a lifesize  wood carving ?  Recently contracted a gentleman that makes these, he also can make benches, bird houses, and various yard art, all items are expensive and there is a long wait to get an item ; but they are definitely one of a kind.
Contact me and I will find out his schedule and pricing on an item
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Purchased this pup from
Rainbow Saints
Just got a sign made with my logo that is also on my rock as you drive in
This was made by R & T Country Craftsi
you can find them on FaceBook
Wonderful people, they can make any sign , or craft  you want, they are very reasonable priced, check them out
I have 3 websites and all feature  wonderful pictures and animated graphics,  the pictures belong to me, the graphics you can view at www.animatedimages.org
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My 3 Websites are

West Wind Saints.com
Showcase Saints.com
AKC Saint Bernards.com
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Want to get a memorial for your deceased pet ?it
Check out 4everinmyheart.comDtThey offer headstones, urns, jewelry,and other items, with custom engraving
including your pets photo.     They also offer a pet loss grief support hotline per state.

Below is some of their items, the one on far left is the one I have of my beloved Magnum-
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Saint Therapy at work