Your new puppy will have been given
his / her
first shots and worming
, he / she will
always be
up to date on all
health needs prior to your ownership

Dew Claws will be removed

Your puppy will be
micro chipped
with a
n Avid

Puppy  will
go home with a puppy kit, with
instructions of how to care for
and  a
of any genetic health problems.

All puppies come with AKC papers and are priced between $1200  to $1900   USD 

Pricing - All pups are priced from $1,200 to $1900 depending on pedigree, show/ pet quality, gender or full registration.
If there is a pup you would like, a $200 deposit is required to hold the pup of your choice until they are ready to go to their new home
Occasionally will do special contracts like co-ownership or .certain spay / neuter agreements
The reason for not selling out of the U.S., --We  have no wish to offend anyone ;  many people  don't realize that there are 8 countries that eat dogs;    Did you know there is a Dog Meat Festival every June in Yulin China?  Over the years China has been feeling the pressure from animal rights groups to end this, but change comes slow and you can't change the culture of some countries and what they believe.  ( after all , this country eats cows and chickens in alarming numbers, there is a fast food place in every town)    Legislation is trying to change the way the animals are treated.
People buy a purebred dog for a certain look or quality it has and paying good money for that dog should lead to a healthy, loveable companion or quality show dog for many years, it should not lead to high vet bills and heartache.
The general public has the impression that a registered dog, regardless of where it is from, is a quality dog; this is far from true.
A dog's quality is only as good as the integrity of the person breeding it  Registries such as American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel club, etc, all encourage ethical breeding but of course cannot inspect all breeders.   A backyard breeder or puppy miller can register a litter just as the best breeder in the country can.   Please do your homework, this breed as well as all others can have health problems.  That cheap puppy from an ad probably did not come from quality dogs and because of health issues a cheap dog can be very expensive to own in a few years.  Is that a risk you want to take?   Good breeders breed quality to get quality--not quantity to get quality.  The breed standard, health, and temperament are the goals, every effort is made to insure the health of pups and parents, all pups are registered ( not designer crosses ) and the pups that are not show or breeding potential will have limited registration.
Just a few tips on buying a pup---if you can, go visit the facility and look at the dogs, are they loved and cared for, healthy,and well fed ?
If unable to visit and you are shopping online, ask for lots of pictures,( look at backgrounds in pictures ), check out testimonials, ask for references, talk on phone to breeder, don't just do it all through email.  When your pup is delivered to you it should be everything you expect.
My promise to my buyers--my dogs will be priced fair according to their pedigrees, I will always stand behind what I sell, I will offer lifetime guidence for as long as you have the dog.

Remember, if you can't buy a purebred, there are many loveable mutts in shelters that need homes also.  And please
have your new puppy spayed or neutered as breeding should be left to the professionals. This will insure a loved happy and healthy dog !


PAGE if interested in purchasing a pup.
"All Dog's Are Pet's - Our Saint Bernard's Are FAMILY"
If you buy a puppy from me and someday decide you can't keep him/her maybe because of a change of lifestyle or moving or whatever may happen to change, please notify me first so I can either take the dog back or help you place him/her into a good home,I need to know about my pups
As it is written in purchase contract when you buy pup
I rarely have to rehome one of my pups, I can think of 5 over the last 20 years, usually caused by ill health of the owner so they can't take care of them,  I have found great homes for them with other families, except for 1 whose still here after 6 years because I am too attached to him.  I understand sometimes things change in your life, thats why I ask you to think about your decision, ask yourself where you may be in 10 years ? and can this dog be with you
For more great info on the saints and some nice pictures and testimonials check out my other

Also just started another one, its small and still under construction but check out
Many people don't want to buy a pup with a lot of white, figuring it doesn't have the typical "saint" look , but these are some I have sold and look what beauties they grew up to be; they turn heads wherever they go and their owners love them dearly
Devo as pup and Adult  -lives in Detroit Michigan
Moses as pup and Adult-lives in China Michigan
Puppies For Sale --  Saint Bernard Puppies For Sale
Whoever said money can't buy happiness, has never spent money for a saint bernard puppy to share their life
If you are interested in Purchasing a West Wind Puppy please  contact me,
there is a fee to be put on waiting list, the purpose of this deposit is to ensure that buyers have carefully thought about the commitment required in owning a saint bernard and are willing to accept that responsibility. Once you are on the list the deposit will be applied toward purchase of pup, if you do not wish to wait for a pup all deposits are non refundable Although we try to frequently have pups available, sometimes the wait for a pup can be several months
Fee for waiting list is $25, this ensures that you will be one of first to be contacted to pick a pup, once you pick your pup there is a $200 deposit to hold your pup for the 8 week growing period before pup is ready to go.  If there are not enough pups in a litter, you would move to list for next litter
Purpose of deposit is to protect us from non-serious buyers and to protect you to insure that you receive a puppy

Now consider what you just read, heres an example,twice I have had an extensive waiting list of more than 60 people waiting, takes time for girls to get bred, carry the pups, then have 8 weeks for pups to be ready to go, so the wait is several months, when i have pups available, I start down the list to contact my puppy people, I may start out with 60 people and it quickly goes to 5 or 10 --Why-- because after we talk and you ask to be put on contact list, you keep searching the internet for a puppy, no problem, but if you find a puppy from another breeder, the COURTEOUS thing to do is contact me to take you off the list !!
I am considerate enough to help you get a puppy, I will even tell you if I know of other breeders that have pups ready before mine, but when I have mine, ALL my time and energy goes into whats best for that puppy  and spending time contacting people that have moved on is exhausting.  And its not fair to the people that are honest enough to want to wait  

Prices for pups start at $1200 to $1500 for a pet depending on pedigree of litter--prices are not negotiable.
Prices for show pups is $1600 to $1900 per evaluation / gender/ quality.
IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT A PUP-- Please go to contact page and fill out puppy questionaire so I have your information, and / or phone me so we can talk.    Every puppy buyer requires personal attention to plan for buying their puppy.
The questionaire is important to help me decide if one of my puppies will be placed into a loving forever home.  But please understand that there is no substitute for a face to face meeting
It is in the best interest of the pup if I review what you write and then if we can also get a chance to talk, so together we can discuss your expectations, lifestyle, and most important the environment that one of my babies will be in.  I invite you to ask me questions and lets decide if a Saint Bernard is the right breed for you.
Its not about receiving money for a dog, I will be here to share your concerns and joys;  I want to receive pictures to see how the pup is doing with his family as he grows in his new home.  People have shared their lives with dogs for hundreds of years. because they are wonderful companions; lets make this a positive experience for you and for your new companion.
WEST WIND SAINT BERNARDS  are not disposable
I Promise
Tips on Breeder Contracts:
Most contracts to purchase a purebred puppy are very similar, it needs to cover the buyer and the seller.  But unfortunately, the contract is useless if the breeder magically vanishes and cuts off communication, I have had that happen to me over the years.
Everything to help ensure the health of your pup before you purchase him should be done:
Instructions on care and feeding should be given, verbally and in writing in the contract.
However, the breeder has no control of what goes on after the pup leaves their care so its important for the buyer and seller to stay connected to ensure a smooth transfer for the puppy.
Large breed dogs grow very quickly and problems can be avoided with the proper care in their first year. Growth plates do not close till 13 months on a saint, so even dogs with hip certification can develop problems if pup is not supervised to avoid stairs and jumping.  All this type of  information should be brought to buyers attention.
The only real guarantees is the reputation of the breeder from which you buy, the length of time the breeder has operated, the quality of the saints they produce and the care with which you raise your puppy
If you have had a dog who has made you laugh, brightened your life; accepted you without judgement, forgiven your faults, and loved you unconditionally, then hopefully you know how lucky you are
     Dogs are a gift most of us don't deserve,
to own one is a privilage -not a right
Saint Puppies need to be socialized !!!!!   I have them with me for a short two months ,but the biggest change in their lives is you, when you take them home to be a member of your family, from that time they need to get training for manners as they grow so you don't have a chewer,growler,jumper,puller, or an out of control 150 lb beast !!!!
Socialization is vital for pups to develop mentally and physically. Pups are not fully vaccinated  until 16 weeks of age but as soon as its safe, expose pup to dogs,people, noises, busy places, and new experiences.  Make sure pup is only exposed to other dogs that are fully vaccinated
Your pups fastest learning period is from 3 to 9 months, even though they can learn all their lives. they depend on you for guidence and they thrive on routine in their lives.; everyday routines and times  make life simple for a learning puppy.   You need to help them reach their full potential, and they cannot do that if neglected, they can only do that if encouraged by the people in charge of their lives.
Remember if you don't like the way your pup turns out when its grown, you can only blame yourself because you are his world.

People sometimes ask what I do for the pups while you are waiting for them to reach eight weeks;
Here are some things that come into play on starting your pup in the right direction......
First,  based on the work of Dr. Carmen Battaglin
Neurological stimulation --
New research shows only 35% of a pups system is controlled by heritable factors, the other 65% is attributable to other influences, such as training and nutrition.
Stimulating a pup with optimal amounts of "stress" produces dogs psychologically and physiologically superior, Stress has value-- early stimulation can have positive results, however too much can retard development,
Researchers have found new ways to stimulate puppies and some have produced lifelong effects.
The period of early age is the most important time for stimulation because of rapid growth--ideally 3 to 16 days
Newborn pups are uniquely different from adults, when born they are blind,deaf, and their digestive system has a limited capacity requiring periodic stimulation from their mother who licks them to promote digestion.
Only thing pups are able to do is smell,suck, and crawl.
During these first weeks, researchers noted that because canines are so under developed, they are very sensitive to a restricted class of stimuli.
Stimulation starts by handling the pups away from mom for 3 minutes each day, doing this causes body temperatures to slightly fall, which causes a mild form of stress to stimulate,hormonal,adrenal, and pituitary systems.
When tested later as adults, these dogs were shown to be able to withstand stress. ( Stress for a dog can be new people, places, pets, weather, travel and environmental changes. )
Data shows that stress introduced in small amounts as pups, can produce adults who respond calmly, and also shows the dogs to be more resistant to disease, able to withstand exposure to cold for longer periods, improved cardio and also performed better at problem solving tests.
Stimulation is done once per day, doing 5 exercises for 3 seconds each;
1.  tactical sttimulation--touch between toes
2.  holding pup with head straight up
3.  holding pup with head pointed down
4.  supine position--holding pup on its back
5.  thermal stimulation--place pup feet down on a cool wet towel
These five exercises will produce neurological stimulation, none of which occurs naturally in this early period of life,
After the first two weeks of stimulation exercises, the pups move on to socialization and enrichment, which consists of handling, cuddling, exposure to toys, new experiences, play and exploration.

By  6 weeks they are weaned from mom and move on to behavorial testing to predict certain traits.  These tests are based on research in the early 60's  and developed by Wendy Volhard.     The tests consist of 10 exercises----
1             . 
Social Attraction-
                                       --   degree of social attraction to people, willing to come,show confidence or dependence                                                                   
   2  Following  ------ willingness to follow a person, or wander off                                
3. Restraint
           ---- degree of dominant or submissive tendency, by holding pup on its back for 30 seconds                 
Social Dominance
--degree of acceptance of social dominance by a person, demonstrated by petting
5. Elevation
--degree of accepting dominance  while in a position of no control, holding pup with feet off ground
6. Retrieving
--degree of willingness to do something for you --a key indicator for ease or difficulty in training
7. Touch Sensitivity --
degree of sensitivity to touch--pinch between toes                                                                                                           
8. Sound Sensitivity --
degree of sensitivity to sound, loud noises or thunderstorms
9. Sight Sensitivity
-- degree of response to a moving object, bikes, children,squirrels                                                                                                
-- degree of startle response to a strange object, such as an opened umbrella

Puppies  come with high,medium or low energy levels;  Some have a strong desire to be pack leader , others are  shy, others are confident, with ANY pup you need to SOCIALIZE and TRAIN for them to become a good dog that you can live with and be proud of.
SAINT BERNARD'S are known for they're gentleness and loyalty
Notice  about Shipping :
I have been doing this a lot of years and have pups in all but 6 states, I have never been comfortable with putting a puppy on a plane and have not done so in several years, shipping costs have gone way up and I have heard horror stories of things that have happened to other breeders.
I have had people drive to pick up their pups from long distances; And we also can deliver or meet half way, just need to figure distance, and shipping charges for us to do so.  We recently purchased a vehicle just for this purpose.
Also, as criteria for getting a West Wind pup, I need your information filled out on questionaire, that is on Contact page, and when picking up pup or when we deliver, we want a photo of you with pup; all this will be kept confidential in your puppies file.
If anyone is uncomfortable with any of this, please understand that we now live in a very dishonest world and I try to have a very secure contract that covers us both.
For your peace of mind, I have sold to several businesses, hotels, police officiers, military officials,Federal Marshalls, celebrities and of course many wonderful families that enjoy having a saint pup.
I can give excellent references.
bark until I make you crazy
dig holes in your yard
chew up your favorite items
shed in places you didn't know     possible
drool on every window of your home
introduce you to new people
lift your burdens when they feel heavy
share with you the meaning  of unconditional love
make you lauigh
expand your heart like never before
As a Breeder, I have spent a lifetime learning pedigrees, checking dogs, and learning from those in my breed and those outside it. I raise each litter as if I gave birth to them and spend an equal amount of time finding them loving forever homes.  I only put puppies on this planet that I think will be the healthiest (mentally and physically) and nice examples of their  breed.  I support each family who chose one of my puppies and let them know they are now part of our extened family.  I am here if one needs to come back. I support my breed in rescue and education.  I hold them when they arrive and leave this world. I share my knowledge and socialize my dogs so that they will be the advertisement for my dedication.
I don't keep track of the money and time I put into my love of dogs, it would not be a true measure of how I feel.  The price I charge for my puppies is never for profit, but an investment in the next generation.  I work  hard at being a good dog person and encourage others to be the same.

  West Wind Saints  ......  Furry Angels Created Here

pups come with two year health guarantee, AKC papers,Health Certificate, Microchip,, first shots and worming, puppy pak with tons of info, collar with leash, food,pedigree, baby pictures, etc

I require a $200 deposit to hold pup and will keep you updated with pictures as they grow
But before you contact me please read all info on this page

Two examples  to the last statement---  once found out someone had tried two rescues, one they kept less tha a year, the other they kept less than two days ,they did not get my puppy that they wanted.    I also question if you don't have a fenced yard, are you going to take the pup for a walk or chain him in the backyard--my dogs on chains  is not an option.
Let me explain what you will find when you come here: ------You will find saints of all ages , they are all happy, well fed, but not always well groomed ; I am constantly cleaning but sometimes its hard to keep up.----- my day consists of getting up at daylight and turning out dogs, because of this I don't schedule visits because  all gates are closed , the dogs have the property, I feel it is important for the dogs to play,run,dig,roll, and chase eachother, its good for their muscles,mental attitude, digestion,etc.   After their morning runs they get breakfast and then go in either the house ,garage or their own building;  the mid part of the day is their siesta period and they lay around, then repeat the turn out in the late part of the day.  This process takes a good chunk of my day , it would be easy to leave them locked up but I prefer my dogs to be happy;  I also try to give my dogs a choice of places to sleep ( beds, floor, stretched out the on grass, etc)    They may also have different dishes, high or low, big or small,  I have two dogs that like to eat laying down with their nose in the dishes, so they require a very low dish . Every dog is different so whatever works for them to make them happy is ok. 
I do try to get all dogs done before noon so gates can be open to drive in and out ; Plus  the average person would not want a dozen saints to surround their car  and even if you are shopping for a pup , many people don't want the hair and drool of a lot of adult dogs,as they may have other stops to make when they leave here
Many times I have people call or visit and I tell them to think on the decision of a saint puppy, if you have never been around saints , I encourage you to visit here and sometimes I try to set up a visit with saint people in other states; many times people will say that they always wanted a saint since childhood but how do you know you want one if you have never experienced one.
This  is a good time to talk about  fear:---Puppies go thru a few fear periods, mostly around 6wks and again by 4 to 6 mo,  The fear stages are a normal part of development, But during the fear stages , more careful socialization is needed, when you introduce other humans and other dogs try to avoid frightening the puppy as anything that frightens may have a lasting effect.
Do not reinforce negative behavior, if you try to disapline you will further frighten the pup and soothing tones encourage the fear, just stay positive and keep the experience light and indifferent ,you don't want a bad experience to imprint on the pup for life--- a fearful dog can turn into a dangerous snappy dog.
The reason I ask questions like "Where will dog sleep?"  Is because its important--Dogs have no control over where they sleep, what they eat, where they spend the day, we make those decisions, and yes it is a dog but it is also a living creature with feelings and the single most important factor in  the development of a dog is environment; dogs are a product of their environment, it will determine health, longevity,mental attitude, --think about it, --its the same as a child, we are what we live.
You are not buying a vacuum cleaner or piece of clothing that you put in the closet until you need it; this is something that you need to invest time and money in but in return you will have something that will ALWAYS give you more love than you give it  and give you the companionship, respect ,friendship,care, and love that everyone wants.
There is no particular perfect way to deal with any dog, I know people that keep them only indoors , only outdoors, mine are both ways, all dogs  are  different and they will  adapt to your lifestyle and environment because that  is what they want to do to be with us

If I don't have any pups you prefer, if I can I will let you know of any around, either in my state or local states nearby,  I am always in contact with other breeders, at shows and events.  I will never bad mouth another breeder or their practices, everyone does things differently, but bottom line is the puppies well being. and its up to you to do your homework and decide on a breeder you are comfortable wth
Tips on choosing a puppy and training a puppy
a puppy----
There will always be mixed breed dogs and some make excellent pets, their biggest advantage is availability to many people of limited means who love dogs and want to own one.
The purebred dog is a choice made to have a dog with the personal appearance of the breed you want.       Some dog groups are --toy group--sporting group--herding group--working group--terrier group--etc.
Some of the factors in choosing a dog are size,compatability,temperment,exercise requirements,climate,trainability and one good point is kind of coat because some dogs require more grooming than others.
Small breeds tend to be spunkier and noisier----Larger breeds are lazier,have more coat but usually are easier to train.    ( 
I go into traits in more detail on my other website --showcasesaints  )
All breeds have advantages and disadvantages,   BUT EVERY DOG HAS THE CAPACITY TO LOVE
Heres some training tips
Leash Training---
When you introduce a puppy to a collar & leash, let the puppy drag the leash around the house so he gets used to it , before you attempt to pull on it.  When you do try to walk him the pup will refuse to walk and you may have to gently drag him-stop let up on the leash,put pup on all fours and start over.  Eventually, the puppy decides its better to walk along.

Call the puppy to you and when he obeys give praise and / or treat

Hold puppys head high and apply pressure to his hindquarters--use command sit and praise when he obeys

Puppys feet should be pulled forward and pressure applied to his back--use command down, when pup lies down just stroke his head to praise him--too much petting will tempt him to get up

Never give a puppy the run of the house, he must be confined to small areas and when given more freedom, he must be closely watched.   Preventing a mistake is half the battle of housebreaking.  There
will be some mistakes, a puppy should only be disaplined by a stern voice and immediately taken outside. 
Teaching Come--
Teaching Sit--
Lie Down--
This usually occurs during teething but can occur when pup is bored and left alone. If the owner is home and the dog starts to chew on something he shouldn't, pick up a magazine or something to throw near him as the command is given "NO",    If you startle the dog, he will associate something unpleasant happens when he chews forbidden objects.       Never spank a pup , or he will learn nothing except to fear you.

on People---
Best method to correct jumping is to raise your knee and throw dog off balance;  always push dog downward and give a sharp "NO"

The dog must be reprimanded for pursuing something he shouldn't; the dog must always associate something unpleasant happening to him to correct the issue--a stern "NO" and turning the tables on him to body block and redirect his attention.  I have heard of clumps of dirt or a noisey toy thrown near the dog  may work because you cannot always be close enough when it happens

Even though it limits his movements, you want the dog to regard the leash and collar favorably; You want him to recognise that when you move he moves and stop when you stop. The dog should be on your left and the leash in your right hand, your left hand should be down the leash about a foot from the dog , so you have control.  Constant talking and constantly using the dogs name will make him heedless.   Start with non communitive training, just with tugs on the leash; then when you link actions with commands, the dog learns to obey.    When you start using commands, do not confuse the dog, a dogs mind tires easily; one word commands are best---down--sit--stay--come.     Be precise when giving a command, Rover Sit is better than Sit Rover because you should start with the dogs name if you want  them to do something

A dog learns thru associating his actions with pleasing or displeasing results; only give praise or treats when dog obeys what you ask, if he does not , start over and make him repeat the action. 

Most aggressive behavior is created by fear and most dogs are not PROPERLY socialized.  A puppy needs to be taken out to get used to all things--cars,noises,strange people,bikes,other dogs, etc,    and it doesn't stop when the dog grows into an adult.  If a dog is afraid of something and growls or cowers, do NOT tell them its ok and back away from the scary object or human---you just reinforced the idea to the dog that there actually was something to be afraid of and since his owner cuddled him and made the scary people leave him alone , the dog is more convinced that aggression is a satisfactory behavior.    Instead make the dog walk past the scary object or human, turn around and face it, make him sit and give a treat.   Eventually have scary strangers toss treats to the dog, but do not let someone approach the dog unless he relaxes.

The biggest factor that forms your dog is environment;  Every dog deserves to be trained, just like every child needs an education. 
Good manners are a must and essential to a dogs well being
Be aware you must do the work, you can send a dog out to a professional for training but instruction will not be complete until the owner takes the leash and the dog obeys the owner.  Many owners are unskilled and the owners need to be educated how to handle a dog because puppy training consists of teaching the right things to avoid the wrong,  but sometimes it also consists of correcting bad habits that are becoming part of the dogs behavior patterns.   As the owner you must put in the
work and be consistant  to ensure your puppy will mature with the temperment and manners that will make him a pleasure to live with

If you feel a professional is needed make sure they are
certified as professional trainers CPDT, you can find a dog trainer directory online.
Chasing cats,
or children---
the dog----
Fearful Pup /
Fear Aggression--
Worth the

i'm not an  "until you get bored with me" dog

I'm not an "until you find a partner"  dog

I'm not an "until you have a child"  dog

I'm not an "until you have to move"  dog

I'm not an "until you have time"  dog

I'm not an ' until I get old"  dog
If  you  can't  give  me  forever
then  I'm  not  your  dog

I'm m
I'm sure this page may be too much info for some people but knowledge is power in any thing in your life, whether you buy a car, house or a puppy 
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Lets Talk About Puppies
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Every  dog deserves a unique name, but keep it simple, so it will be easy for the dog to learn
Eskimos have the belief that a dog doesn't have a soul unless it is given a name and they believe human names are more preferable 
Lets  name that new puppy !!    Accordng to AKC the most popular names for females is Bella,Lucy, and Daisy and the top 3 for males Max,Buddy and Charlie
Saints and kids are good together, heres a few examples of their gentleness with young children
Saints are VERY bonded to their families, ; You want a saint that is a big loveable bear with everyone; if not properly socialized you will have a dog that LOVEs his family but can be very aggressive to strangers , not a good situation and is a big reason saints end up in rescue, you can't have a dog with aggression that is this huge
The choice to bring  a big dog into your home CANNOT be a snap decision, ALL dogs have  teeth and claws and a puppy will use them on your child if you are not a diligent puppy parent, you need to teach the puppy and the child to respect boundries.  Saints love kids but don't expect them to babysit for you, ALWAYS keep a child and a puppy under supervision,
  A dog wants to please you, a dog does not want to bite you,      You have to guide and train the puppy as it grows so it will be a pleasure to live with not a big dog out of control --If you can't do this, then I can't sell you a puppy
Actually had this conversation with one of my puppy parents  that has young children and I can honestly say the mom is the best puppy parent  I have ever seen,  good care and lessons for children and pup.
they both are growing up
Female---Helpful  smooth coat SOLD
Female--Heavenly  smooth coat
Female--Heartbeat       sold
Female---Honesty -SOLD
Male--Heroe  smooth coat
Male--Hasten     Smooth coat
I will not sell to countries outside the United States
No Puppies Available at this time
maybe will try some later this summer
These beautiful pups found their new families.   Thank you to the wonderful people that provided forever homes
Children and Puppies both need training !!